Project vengeance – Getting even with Cell Phone Thieves


Last evening (27 May 2014) I was driving home from office. The weather was relatively comfortable owing to the recent downpour. I decided not to turn on the car AC and drive with the windows rolled down instead. Little did I imagine the horrible experience destiny had in store for me a few minutes later.

Chevrolet Beat
For the record, my car is a Chevrolet Beat Hatchback

I had put my backpack on the front passenger seat on the left and my cell phone on the dashboard. At first I had fully rolled down the passenger window. But then I thought that it’d be risky and somebody might snatch the phone. So I rolled it up so that there was just about 7-8 inches gap, enough for the wind to blow through.

My Moto-G which I bought on 28th Feb
My cell phone was a Moto-G which I bought on 28th Feb from
The car interior
The car interior

And thus I started the engine and began my trip home. The entire day had passed pretty smoothly and I was in a jolly mood. I was eager to be with my family as soon as possible.

The traffic was moving slowly and as I entered College Street I was literally crawling along. After some time I crossed Tantania Kalibari crossing and stopped at a red light.

Suddenly I was aware of some commotion behind me. A lean young chap came running and thumped on the door behind me shouting, “Dada… dorja thik kore lock korun” (Brother… pls lock the door properly) and walked away. I was startled and poked my head out of the window to look at the door behind me. Then I checked the door lock and found nothing amiss. I was confused and wondered maybe the guy mistook my car for some other car.

The signal turned green in the mean time and I continued driving. I was feeling disturbed after being jolted out of my reverie so rudely. I was also feeling a bit warm and humid. So I rolled up the window panes and switched on the AC.

After driving for about 5-6 kms I noticed that my bag was not on the seat. I assumed that it might have rolled to the floor and continued driving. After another few kilometers, on another red light, I reached down to retrieve the bag from the floor. But there was nothing.

Suddenly it struck me that the guy had diverted my attention and an accomplice must have pilfered the bag. I cursed under my breath. I thought I’d ring up my wife and let her know. I reached for my cell phone and… pooooff… the phone was also missing.

My blood turned cold for a brief moment and I didn’t know what to do. I felt horribly violated and helpless.

With much difficulty I managed to keep a leash on my anger and reached home.

At night, I cooled my nerves by playing PainKiller-Redemption in god mode and killing 900 monsters with the spinning knife instead of guns.

Next day

Police complaint

My intentions

So much for the back story; I’m pretty pissed off with the thieves and intend to get even with them. Here’s my plan of action…

  • Construct a circuit for generating high voltage
  • Get a faux cell phone
  • Rig up the cell phone with the circuit and add some trigger mechanism
  • Fit the apparatus in the car and place the cell phone dummy on the dashboard
  • Roam around the streets with the window panes rolled down
  • I may also try to add a camera to capture the sweet moment
  • I’m also wondering if I can retro fit a fast motor to the power window so that it snaps shut almost instantly

I don’t know how much time I’ll need to complete the project, but I’m determined to do it. Wish me luck.


Things I might need

  • A cheap dummy cellphone preferably with shiny metal casing
  • A heavy duty capacitor or transformer. I’m thinking or something like the capacitor used in camera flashlights. In case of a transformer, I believe the coil used in CRTs will work.
  • A battery – preferably a maintenance free 6v rechargeable battery or maybe a bike battery
  • The apparatus must also have a fail safe mechanism so that I don’t electrocute myself in case the thief throws it at my face. This is the reason I’ve been thinking of a capacitor. It’ll ideally get discharged almost instantly and will not pose any further risk.
  • I’ll also need a mechanism to disarm the device easily.