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Reinstall Grub

Boot your Helena live CD
* Open a terminal – Applications, Accessories, Terminal.
* Determine your normal system partition – `sudo fdisk -l` (That is a lowercase L)
* If you aren’t sure, run `df -Th`. Look for the correct disk size and ext3 or ext4 format.
* Mount your normal system partition:

sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt

– Example: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
– Note: substitue the correct partition: sda1, sdb5, etc.
– Note: GRUB 2 counts the first drive (X) as “0”, but the first partition (Y) as “1”

* Only if you have a separate boot partition:

sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt/boot

– with sdXY being your /boot partition designation.

* Reinstall GRUB 2:

sudo grub-install –root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdX

– Example: sudo grub-install –root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda
– Note: Substitute the correct device – sda, sdb, etc. Do ”not” specify a partition number.

* Unmount the partition:

sudo umount /mnt

* Reboot.

Reorder partition drive numbers in linux

Open a terminal and type

sudo fdisk -l

That’s a lowercase “L”. This will list storage devices in alphanumeric order. Look through the data reported and note the name of any devices that are listed out of numerical order.

To reorder the Linux drive partition numbers for device sdc, all we need to do is open a terminal…

  • type
    sudo fdisk /dev/sdc
  • then
    • press “x” to enter Expert Mode
    • press “f” to fix the drive order
    • press “i” to ignore the warning (if it shows)
    • press “w” to write changes to the disk
    • press “q” to  quit fdisk